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Have you wondered how all the new technology theses days can benefit you and your business, and your pocket-book? I found a way to make free cell phone calls.

As a long-time small business advocate and business owner myself, I have always search for ways to save on telecommunications, and other office expense-type of things. Making free cell phone calls was very attractive to me, but I was a little skeptical about the quality of the connection.

Being in business, I am very familiar with using Skype, Webex, GotoMeeting, GotoSeminar, OOvo, Freeconferencecall, and some others. Although they work fine, they offered a little too many features for what I was looking for in a free cell phone call solution.

free cell phone callsI wanted to share a service I found  with you called Viber. It totally fit my criteria for an easy, ad-free, streamline solution for making free cell phone calls.

As long as you are in a WIFI area, or connected to the internet, you can use your cell phone to make these free cell phone calls to other users.

It’s an app that works on iPhones , Android, and Windows devices. At the time of this writing, you can make free phone calls, send text messages, and photos to anyone anywhere in the world if they have the app also. The app is free, so it is truly a free cell phone calls solution.

On Blackberry, Nokia, and Bada systems, there is no voice feature yet, but you can text message, location share, and send photos. (Viber should have a voice solution for Blackberry soon).

I use this app myself all the time. I have used it to make free cell phone callsfree cell phone calls around the country, Europe, and Asia. I have sent text messages and shared photos. It has worked fine, and I have been very satisfied with the voice quality as well.

Besides getting into the pay-as-you-go plans and hardware, if you purchase a smartphone, there are ways to use a very cheap, or low-cost plan from the provider, to be able to make calls, text message and share photos.

Here are the features from the Viber website:

Why Viber?
  • 100% FREE: Viber and all our basic features are completely free. With Viber you can control the costs of your mobile phone and avoid any “bill shock”. Text and call other Viber users as much as you like, no matter where they are or which device or network they are using. All you need is a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection. Just make sure that all your friends are also on Viber so that you can enjoy it all the time!
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Once you download the application, you can use Viber. You don’t need to activate anything, create a username, think of a password, send out invitations or go through any registration process. After a quick download, you can start making free calls and sending texts, pictures and locations- in one touch!
  • ACTS JUST LIKE YOUR REGULAR PHONE: Viber uses your mobile phone number and address book, and instantly shows you which of your friends already has Viber. While other apps such as Skype and Fring require you to “add contacts,” wait to be approved, and maintain separate contact lists, Viber is hassle-free. With Viber you can call, text and share stuff with your friends using their real numbers, which are already in your phone anyway, instead of usernames.
  • BEST SOUND QUALITY: Viber’s cutting-edge technology ensures that the sound quality you get is much better than GSM or a regular phone call.
  • AD FREE: Viber doesn’t accept advertising. We guarantee that our mobile calls and texts will always be free from ads.
  • ALWAYS ON: Viber doesn’t drain your battery or use up your device’s memory, so you can always receive your incoming calls and message notifications without burdening your device.
  • MUCH MORE COMING: We continue to work hard to bring you many more features and to keep developing versions for more platforms.

The major considerations I’d like to pass along to you are:

  Pros:                                                                               Cons:

  • Free Calls, Texting, Photosharing                  –  No time-stamp on messages
  • Easy Interface                                                         –  Frequent updates
  • No Ads
  • Software built solidly
  • Integrates easy with address book
  • Integrates with Social Media
  • Group Messaging
  • Integrates with phone notifications

These are the types of solutions that I like and that I originally wanted to pass along to small business owners and sole proprietors. I like that this is truly a free cell phone calls solution.

Just go to your app store an search for Viber and check it out. I hope you get out of it as much as I do.

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Free cell phone callsTo Health Wealth and Happiness!


free cell phone calls

Lambert Matias, Founder – E-Team

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